Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Greece 2023: A Vineyard And Leaving Corfu

After visiting the Old City of Corfu, we took a trip to a local winery (as a note, Corfu produces three kinds of alcohol:  red wine, white wine, and Kumquat liquor, the only such place it is done so in Greece).  Our destination in the countryside was the Theotoky Winery.

Besides winning a number of awards (see the link above), they are an organic winery.

Current vintage, just lined up against the wall.  I mean, I like red wine and all but...

I will say we had several Greek wines during our trip and they were all quite good (Except Retsina.  That was awful.).


and Sunrise.

We took our coach to the dock to catch the ferry back to the mainland.  Albania is something like 4 hours by ferry, Italy about 12. One begins to appreciate how important the sea was to the Ancient and Medieval world (as opposed to travel by land).

Fish by the dock.  The Ionian Sea was so clear and so different from the seas I am used to.

Last view of Corfu:



  1. Nylon126:36 AM

    Bue skies makes for blue water eh? That's quite a stack of bottles there, hope the ground doesn't rumble.

    1. The water was amazing, Nylon12.

      Yes, it would be a tragedy of epic proportions if such a thing were to occur. Or, say, one was trapped in said building with olives, cheese, and wine...

  2. Your mention of Retsina reminded me my desire to never, ever, try Retsina. If by some chance I forget my resolve, a whiff of Pine Sol should put me back on track.

    The Med is beautiful.

    1. John, I had a sip. A very small sip. And no, it is not something I am looking to try again.

      I was quite taken with the Mediterranean. I do not know what I was expecting, but it was not that.

  3. Such a stop would be lost on me. I just don't have the palate for wine... and most alcohol in general. The only wine I have found that I would drink regularly if available is a rose made by a local winery that I had many years ago before they stopped making it.

    1. We would make great traveling companions Ed. I could drink and you could drive.

      I enjoy wine, but I only know it as "I like it" or "I do not like it". My palate is not more sophisticated than that.


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