Monday, December 18, 2006

Immanuel - God with Us (Isaiah 9: 6-7)

“This child, the son, this Son of God, this Son of man, that is given to us, is in a capacity to do us a great deal of kindness, for he is invested with the highest honor and power, so that we cannot but be happy if he be our friend.” – Matthew Henry

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Don't Waste your life

I'm annoyed this evening - with myself. A combination of things: the refusal to view the current conflict as the threat to Western Civilization that it is; Pearl Harbor Day; and a general frustration with work and it's minutiae.

It's one of those screaming out loud moments, muttering under your breath, "Why I am doing this? Why am I wasting my life?"

There are matters of real importance and import occuring around me - and I, I argue about documents no-one will see, products that have little value.

I am frustrated, frustrated by my seeming inability to get anything done of import, of rising early, compensating for the Ravishing Mrs. T.B. to be gone in the evening by making a hobby out of doing dishes, of spending time dreading dealing with things that I know don't matter.

It makes me angry. But where do I put the anger? How do I use it constructively?