Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Aftermath Of A Social Outing

 This past weekend I had occasion to attend a large social event.  I was in this particular case happy to do so, although as it was family related there was some sense of obligation as well.  And there was indeed an element of fun had at it.

But the aftermath on me is such that I do not think I have many more such events in me.

To be fair, it was an event that - generally - catered to a slightly younger group. It is also fair to say that I was on the tail end of a week of less than ideal sleep and there was bit more alcohol in my system than has been there in a while.

But even now, two days later, I still feel completely wiped out by it.

It is not just the physical side. I (in theory) know that I will be able to rest up and have my body recover from a few days of not eating well and no exercising as I usually do.  But it is the mental condition that has me the most bothered.  Literally, it feels like I am trying to lift a huge weight to get into gear.  It is as if all of my mental reserve and thought processes have been totally washed away, leaving me nothing but a blank slate.

I do not like it.  I do not even know how to process it, other than writing about it.  At best, I am hopeful that with a week of limited activities and the silence of home, I might reach a place where I can begin to re-sort things out again.

Some important lessons here for me.  

By my back of the envelope calculations, I have maybe six to eight of these events left in my lifetime (maybe a few more - who knows).  They will be the sorts of things I will need to attend.  So I need to do a better job of preparing for them.

I had also not anticipated how impactful the last two years of really doing no social events had been on me.  This was likely the largest and certainly the loudest event I have been two since the start of The Plague, if not even before that.   I have realized I have become more of a creature of the silence and the quiet; how much, I did not know.  

And how essentially critical it is to my ability to function.

At this rate, I estimate a week at least until I am back to where I was last Wednesday after having spent time at The Ranch.  Which seems like a lot of recovery time for a single event.

Somewhat graciously by the hand of God, it is raining now.  The patter of the drops soothes my soul.


  1. Perhaps being slightly older as well, less inclined to tolerate the hub and bub that gatherings produce. Sometimes alcohol is not a lubricant but rather a sludge, especially to the mind. The Spring Slump continues here, 27 above now as I type.....(sigh)...

  2. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Nylon12, it is not that I did not expect that I would feel this way, it is the thoroughness of it that somewhat amazes me. I truly not only exhausted physically, but mentally and spiritually.

    Back in Old Home - and more rain, which is welcome (Apologies, it is TB. Blogger is apparently not cooperating today...)

  3. As I get older, my desire to drink any alcohol keeps lowering dramatically, partly for the same reason above. It just increases the length of my recovery and it has nothing to do with my blood alcohol level. I am perfectly happy sitting there with my glass or bottle of water. One advantage of getting older, is that peer pressure has little influence on me and so I don't get shamed into drinking.

  4. I noticed that too, during a recent outing. I assumed it was the head injury and the lack of stamina from the lung issue. I'll need to monitor that during the next outing.

    Since the abandonment, I spend a lot of my time alone and quiet. It is kind of interesting how we have function now, is't it? Even our society has changed somewhat. I wonder if these changes are permanent.... (Is that a pun?)

  5. Not sure if you are aware or not but blogger has been having a lot of issues on commenting lately where it won't let you log into your google account and so you post anonymously. I was able to fix it by removing all the cookies from Safari and Chrome.

  6. I realized at one point in life that I didn't need to drink and went 12 years without a drop. However, for reasons I won't go into here, I found that things in moderation are okay and now I often enjoy having a beer in the late afternoon. It's never more than one and never if I know I've got to drive anywhere.

  7. Ed - Usually I am pretty controlled in this aspect. The atmosphere of a family party, etc. But yes - the lack of peer pressure is a blessing.

    Thanks for the heads up. I am on Brave which seems remarkably resistant to deleting all cookies and working. Still working through it.

  8. STxAR - Society has changed; people just do not realize it. And the change is not all bad. I feel like I "have to" go to a lot less things now. And I think - at least for myself - the choice is intended.

    And we always approve of a good pun around here.

  9. Kelly, I pretty much know my limits: not more than two 12 ounce beers or an 8 oz glass of wine and I am fine. In point of fact drinking is pretty much a rarity for me anymore. In my case, I can make for a happy drinker, which can always be a dangerous combination. Easiest just to avoid the matter entirely.

  10. Many a Saturday I look at the clock and say, 10pm already! It used to be that that was when the evening started.

    1. John - Agreed. If I make it to 11 PM, it is a Christmas miracle. 10 PM on social occasions is more likely.


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