Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Of Cheese And Harps

This past weekend I did two things I have not done in rather a long time: I made cheese and I pulled out my harp.

The cheese was Domiati, a North African cheese known for its heaving salting, which allow it to be stored at room temperature. The harp was still there and (after having to replace two wire strings, which is always annoying) was tuned up and played as always.

I am not sure how these things fell out of my life - after all, my weekends have not been so full that these should have been an issue.  They are certainly things that I have enjoyed in the past. The cost of them is rather low - free for harp of course, and almost nothing for cheese (you have to buy milk, of course, and perhaps some bacteria from time to time).  They are just time.

But I let myself get out of control.

Really, I let myself get over-run by "work" - and by over-run, I mean my inability to manage time effectively to be able to cut off and check out.  I have, sadly, convinced myself that "work" takes precedence at all times over such things.

Now yes, work is important - it does pay for a rather great many things.  But it should never be so important that it completely consumes all that I enjoy in the quest to "always be ready" and "things get done".

To quote my friend Glen, you have to plan your time as much as your money for the day you are not working.  There are worse things than cheese and harps.


  1. It’s crazy, what you see when decouple from The Matrix..😊👍

  2. Congratulations on the cheese making!!! You introduced me to a cheese I've never heard of before, it looks kind of like a Feta, what is the taste like?

    TB...I let work run my life for a long time and the worst case scenario happened, and I burned out. I don't think I'll ever be able to work again (at least for someone else) because my brain broke and I can't handle the least bit of stress. I know that money is important, especially when you have kids to put through school, but so is your SELF.

    I hate using the cliché, but honestly, if I didn't burn out, I wouldn't appreciate my life now and all of the blessings I have. BUT...I certainly would never wish that on anyone else...nor do I ever want to go through that pain and suffering again.

    I hope you find a good balance between what you need to do (work) and what you want to do. I think it's super cool that you play the harp!!!

  3. Rain - Domiati is similar to feta, but I would argue even saltier. Still pretty good.

    Thank you for sharing your story - I have often felt (over the last year of so) that while I am not at the burnout point I am at the point where I am seriously asking if this is all really worth it. Yes, I have responsibilities, but as you say, are they really worth your health?

    Thank you. Harp is the one activity I can lose myself in for hours and not notice the time passing.


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