Saturday, June 15, 2024

Updates From Home, June 2024 Edition

 A big week of news this week at Taigh na Thoirdhealbheach Beucail.

1)  As some of you may recall from earlier in the year, our oldest, Nighean Gheal, moved back home from living in the Big Big City.  Her lease was up, she could work remotely, and there was nothing really holding her there.

One reason she moved home was to save money.  The second came to fruition this week.

From her sophomore year of college on, she has made money by doing online tutoring in conversational English, mostly for students and business folks in North Asia.  She enjoyed it, she was good at it, and it gave her extra spending money.

As she started her job a little over two years ago at (Insert Large Name) Consulting Firm, she found that she did not really care for the business world.  As she explained it to me in a conversation, when she left "work" she felt exhausted and drained but when she finished tutoring she felt excited and energized.  A sign, one might say.

The outcome of this was she applied for and has been accepted to be an English teacher in South Korea.

She has had a passionate interest in Korea since we located to New Home 15 years ago, perhaps originally driven by the fact that the school she was at had exchange students from South Korea.  Over the years she studied Korean, fell in love with culture (most especially the music, or "K-Pop" to the uninitiated).  She has been at least twice and minored in Korean Studies.

We do not know her departure date or where specifically she will be placed; we do know it will be in the province of Chungcheonbuk:


This program (as I understand it) is some kind of extension program through the South Korean Government.  The program lasts for a year, but if you are good you can be extended.

I am obviously very proud of my daughter - not just that she was accepted (it was a pretty rigorous application process including a background check, a Letter of Apostille, multiple interviews, and a draft lesson plan), but that she had the personal awareness and foresight to realize was she was doing was not making her happy and making a change before she got trapped in a career that she hated (as happens to many people).

Needless to say, likely there are pictures of South Korea in our not too distant future.

2)  Nighean Dhonn, our youngest, has been accepted into a University at New Home.

Last year, as you may recall, she was accepted into the Archaeology program at the University of Evansville.  She liked the school and program well enough, but unfortunately a series of retirements from the department meant that her interest (Classical [Greek and Roman] studies) would no longer be offered as more than a general course.  She applied for a transfer; we were notified that it as accepted this week.

There are two major impacts.  The first is financial, although I am not certain of the difference - she had a very decent package at her previous school and her new school (being a state school)  is not nearly so generous.  The second impact - related to the first - means that she can live at the house in New Home which in theory will mean that we are not paying for university housing (it is a commutable distance).

Another, lesser impact, is that we will not have get her and her stuff back in the Fall.

3)  Not to overlook the middle child, Nighean Bhan, she has started the second year (Summer session) of her speech pathology program.  She remains on course to finish in May of 2025, after which she will do a one year internship.


The amount of change that has happened this year - correction, the first half of this year - continues to stun me.


  1. Nylon128:37 AM

    The fledglings are testing their wings TB, really good news for all three. A daughter of a next-door neighbor taught English in CCP-land for a year well over a decade ago, she had some interesting tales to tell.

    1. Nylon12, I am sure that Nighean Gheal will have a great time - she has been to school for years at a time in foreign countries and has lived in a metropolis, so she should be well equipped for this next stage of life.

      Honestly, I am betting even odds she does not come back to the US for years, if at all.

  2. Congratulations to all three of your daughters and also to you for obviously doing a great job raising them.

    1. Thanks Ed. They have all put in a tremendous amount of effort to get where they are.

      As to my role...I wave my hands a lot and occasionally dispense what I think passes for fatherly wisdom.

  3. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Congrats to all three. Moving forward in life as so many aren't. Have had over the years 3 friends whose daughters and sons have done similar. One in Japan, China and Cambodia. What an adventure they are all on. Wishing all three the best of luck.

    1. Thank you Anon. This is all do to the effort put in on their part. As a father, I get the privilege at this point of just watching and enjoying it.

  4. Stunned in a good way, right? The waving of hands (over your head) is vastly under rated and sometimes, PANIC!!! ITS' OUR ONLY CHANCE!!!
    Ancient Tree Guy, I have other contingencies, also.

    1. T_M, I am great believer in the phrase "Panic early. Beat the rush".

      Yes, mostly stunned in a good way. Somehow I went from unemployed with two children home and one in college out of state to a job halfway across the country with one child going to South Korea and two children going to college in state. It is with a bit of trepidation I view what can happen for the second half of the year...

    2. Yeah, somehow, reality manages to keep life "interesting". I have rather low expectations for USA INC.s future, but higher expectations for myself, family and my local region here in middle Tennessee. I worry about the friends that stayed on the Left coast, in Commiefornia.

    3. T_M, I have pretty low expectations overall as well. That said, low expectation are not the same as no expectations at all. I suspect a lot of us are in for a long spell of fairly hard living - which might just be what we need now.

  5. Congratulations and blessings to all, TB.

  6. A huge congratulations to Nighean Gheal. What a fantastic opportunity. Have to admire the young lady for her ability to analyze her situation and make changes for the better.

    Does Nighean Dhonn's staying at New Home mean you won't be so quick to sell it? I hope her new school offers everything she hopes for.

    Hopefully, Nighean Bhan won't run into any glitches along the way.

    1. Thanks Leigh! I admire Nighean Gheal as well for that ability to analyze and make a change early, rather than just blunder on as I did (although it worked out well).

      Nighen Dhonn's staying at New Home does in fact mean that we will not be selling the house quite as quickly. It does put us in a bit of a pickle, as per US tax law you have 3 years from the date of transfer of residence to sell a home and shield up to $250,000 per owner from taxes. We are working on options to see how that can work out. I am certain she will find more of what she wants to study here (and possibly, given her major, a year abroad - I am hopeful for a return trip to Greece!)

      Nighean Bhan already had one hiccup: the Summer Course that was supposed to be a single unit turned out to be full price. Nothing drastic, but it does put her careful finance planning a bit askew.


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