Monday, February 12, 2024

February Odds And Ends

- I am back in Old Home at The Ranch for my week.  Major plans including really making an effort on packing things up as given the current potential jobs will require a relocation with less ability to come here on a regular basis and replacing the facet stems on the kitchen faucet as both have started to leak (this seems like a task within my capability, after reviewing information on-line).  

- This is a fortunate outcome, as my sister let me know that my brother-in-law The Outdoorsman tested positive for The Plague after picking me up this weekend.  So staying in, at least part of the week, seems like a prudent idea since most of the folks I would see this week are all in the high risk category.

- I am patiently waiting for one last piece of documentation to arrive to complete our taxes - the information from our small investing account, which inevitably runs late.  It is a bit of a shame, as that money would be super useful at the moment. This is the last year it will be a problem; we liquidated the account in preparation for paying for the roof.  I continue to struggle with the fact that although almost everything is electronic now, companies still struggle to have such documentation complete within 30 days of the start of the year.  

- FOTB (Friend Of This Blog) Leigh from Five Acres and a Dream had made a note on my weekly job hunt update about perseverance and thick skin being required for a job hunt this days.

For reference, during the very first original Hammerfall  I kept a similar tracking sheet to what I keep today.  Sadly, I did not have it nearly as well organized as I do now so my data points are much less specific in terms of dates and the timing of responses, but at that time (2009) in a 4.5 month period I applied for 210 positions, had 43 responses (not clear if all of those were rejections), 7 first interviews, 2 second interviews, and 1.5 job offers (the 0.5 was an offer that was going to be made except I had already accepted another one).  Even counting that at two,  it is still a 0.0095% success rate.  Fortunately we are not nearly there - yet.

I will say this whole experience is an excellent reminder of how quickly money can dissipate in an emergency.

- This morning (Sunday) as I got up, two Canadian geese were outside of the back door.

We have had geese here for many years, returning every year. My father TB The Elder was always glad to see them.  They have never been so close to the house though.

In lieu of anything else, I will take it as a sign my father is still looking out for me.


  1. I have the same issue. Brokerage firms aren't tied to the same rules as other companies are when it comes to sending out tax documents. I think they have until the end of February to get them sent out where as most others have until Jan 31. I'm still waiting on my brokerage form which hopefully, should get published on the website sometime mid week so I can finish up my taxes too.

    1. Ed, like you (from your post today) I like to get them out as quickly as possible.

      I will say that the year or two I had cryptocurrency, the turnaround time was even worse. I want to say it was mid-March before they got issued.

  2. Nylon125:17 AM

    Since I still do taxes the old way (paper) am waiting on the IRS to send the forms I requested last month, have simple returns and don't mind waiting. Planty of Canadians around here during soft water season, the asphalt wlaking path around the nearby lake is filled with their....uh...presence. Good luck on dodging the Wuhan germs TB!

    1. Nylon12, if I did not have stocks, I might consider going back to paper. To be honest, electronic tax processing has made me lazy in that regard - although not having to hand figure capital gain/loss is a fine thing.

      It is almost Spring-like in New Home now - great for me and visiting, not so great if Winter is done as we still need the rain.

      Feeling okay this morning, nothing more than some sinus issues that were with me before I came.

  3. Have you ever seen goslings around old home? That's probably a pair, sent by your father to keep an eye on you. ;-)
    Good luck with all the packing.
    Keep us updated on the Outdoorsman. I pray it was a false positive.
    You all be safe and God bless.

    1. Linda, they have tried to have a nest a couple of times but the local predators have always managed to get them.

      I am hopeful it was a false positive as well. Other than some sinus issues that were already present, I feel pretty good today.

  4. It's nice what you said about your father looking out for you TB. ♥

    1. Rain, as I have never seen geese so close to the house before, I shall only take it as a sign.


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