Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hammer Fall

So today at approximately 10 AM, I was laid off. I can now check off the "Been laid off by someone else" column on my big list of things to do (the "Laid off by Myself" column is already provided for).

Not totally unexpected, but not what I was hoping for either. There is a package, and by my lights it is a pretty good one.

Sorry. My thoughts are a little disjointed at the moment. Go figure.

I know there's a purpose in all of this, there's a reason for this: This month, the nice Christmas we had, the getaway this last weekend, the fact I am being laid off today. God is here, even if I can't see Him or know why.

Lots of questions (hindsight being 20/20): Why did this opportunity open up? Why did I choose to take it? I'm supposed to have learned something from time here: what is it?

"Riddles in the Dark" , Gandalf's reference to the discovery by Bilbo of the One Ring. There is something here, even if I can't grasp it at the moment.

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