Saturday, February 24, 2024

Hammerfall 3.0: Week 10 Report (Final)

 Period: 17 February 2024 to 23 February 2024

Positions applied to:  I applied to 1 position during this period. Total jobs applied to/opportunities investigated are 86 unique positions.

Rejections:  I was rejected for 3 positions (26 rejections total).


I had one conversation with the other potential job interview process.  As it turns out, they had not come to a conclusion the previous week but had this week and asked if I would be interested in advancing to the next round.  This was early Tuesday morning; later that morning I had the actual verbal offer.  I had to politely decline moving forward for the process.

And, obviously, I did get a call from the company that issued offer.

Offers:  I had (and accepted) one offer (Yay!).

Job losses:  Clade Therapeutics (no numbers) and Ring Therapeutics (19 people) both announced layoffs.


As noted in my post on Thursday, the offer letter arrived precisely 70 days out from my initial notification of furlough.

An interesting note is that the position that ended up being the one that I received an offer for was the one that represented the "lowest" level position I had applied for.  I did it as something both of a lark and a gamble that for a large company, my chances of being hired in at my current level were low, but my chances of being hired as a lower level employee were greater due to my experience.  For better or worse, it appears that the gamble paid off.

As indicated in the announcement post, I continue to remain grateful to all who prayed and/or had good thoughts.  Even though I have job now, a heck of a lot of people still do not. If you have the occasion to offer a similar prayer or good wish once in a while for those folks as well, I am sure it would be appreciated.


  1. Nylon127:01 AM

    Congrats TB, lift a glass to celebrate your good fortune.......... :)

    1. It is, Nylon12 - even more sobering given the consistent trail of layoffs I see every day. Good fortune indeed.

  2. Hopefully they will see your skills as you start a career with them and will advance you back up the ladder quickly. I had that happen with one company I worked for where I started off lower than I would have liked.

    1. Ed, more than one comment has been made about my "wealth" of experience. Nothing is certain of course, but I have every reason to believe that they are aware of it and, if I conduct myself accordingly, they will react accordingly.

  3. So happy for you. I love the way you have kept these records and statistics. You made looking for a job your job. And you got to go to Japan while you were off! The new company is lucky to have you and I wish you the best.


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