Saturday, September 04, 2021

Road Trip To Doom 2021

 Apologies for the delay in replying yesterday.  For the first time in almost 5 years, I am on a road trip.

The trip involves driving across parts of three states - almost 10 hours by the time I go to where I was going - to spend a weekend training with my weight coach, The Berserker.

Yes.  I took a day off so I can drive 1200 miles round trip to see a man who enjoys making me suffer.  And I do so gladly (well, not the suffering part.  A high level of soreness is anticipated on the return drive home).

I have not driven much beyond 3 hours regularly in at least 4 years, and not beyond 1.5 hours regularly in at least 2 years.  So this seemed like much more of an expedition than it might have in the past.

In general - to the eye that would not know better - things largely look back to normal.  Travel plazas (glorified gas stations for those that do not have them) were rather packed, and 90% of the people inside looked just like they must have in late 2019:  few masks, very crowded.  Lots of traffic on the road and the drive throughs were very busy (in a fit of weakness I stopped to get a burger at a statewide chain.  Never again:  the fries were cold, the burger tasteless, and my diet drink tasted a heck of a lot like Root Beer). Fuel prices were as high in this part of the country as I have seen in years.

As I have not been most of this way in a while, there were some interesting changes.  Lots of construction still going up around urban areas and smaller towns.  Car lots seemed to vary in their availability of vehicles - although I saw one with not more than a dozen cars and trucks on its lot.  In some other places, I did see where businesses had contracted as well, which struck me as a bit odd.

So think happy thoughts for me as I face the iron and am - again - reminded of the fact that the cost of action and fitness is constant training and some level of suffering.


  1. I forget about trips and with posts set to publish at future dates, I often wonder if people get frustrated that I don't respond as usual. If I remember, I just delay the posts until I get back.

    I have done quite the opposite and have done more driving during Covid than before. I guess because I feel like we can remain self contained in our vehicle for the most part. The only difference is that we eat out less, bring more food with us or get it to go and eat it in our motel room. This has the benefit of allowing us to avoid those burger chains.

    1. Ed, for my part at least, it is never a frustration. I usually assume people are on trips or busy - and usually you immediately post with a "Where we have been post", so we get to see something new.

      I suspect that driving locally around to see things will become more of a thing this coming year, as I do not see any reason that things will dramatically change between now and then.

      Sigh. The burger was so very disappointing. I should just go with what I actually want instead of what I think is easier.


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