Monday, September 27, 2021

An Interesting Follow

 One of my favorite finds for 2021 has been VicVerdier.

I first found as a podcast at The Art of Manliness entitled "How to Stay Physically Fit As You Get Older" (in retrospect fitting, given the week I have had).  Which led to me finding and following him on Instagram (@vicverdiercoaching).  Which led, of course, to his website.  His bio is here: suffice to say he has led a very interesting life (Officer in the French Navy, Scuba diver for deep wrecks and cave systems, Martial Arts, Trainer, and gym owner).

He posts interesting thoughts on Instagram, interesting to me (at least) because, as man in his '50's and a non-American, he has a different view than is often what is in our culture and can say it in a way that often Americans can not (in one case, having the audacity to address the fact that men in their later years may still have a sex drive, he got temporarily banned from Instagram.  I read the post:  trust me in saying that it was not in the least controversial).  Here was his thought this weekend, both typical of his posts and highly thought provoking (at least to me):

"It's easy to watch sport on TV and not doing anything with your body.

It's easy to watch porn and not having to build real sexual desire with someone else.

It's easy to watch UFC fights and never learning how to fight and defend yourself.

It's easy to spend time on social media watching the ideal life of others without even trying to better your own life.

It's easy to watch documentaries about faraway lands and cultures and never traveling and dealing with people with different beliefs.

What is difficult is to stop relying on surrogates and start making your life more interesting, meaningful and fulfilling. You’re a man. Get the courage to go out there and live your own life."

I always find him highly engaging, and would recommend him as a follow.


  1. Hi TB, I guess I can't really comment on your guy post lol...but I wanted to thank you for your dear comment on my blog last week, it meant a lot.

    1. Rain, I think it more than fair you to comment on the idea that one should stop living through others and live yourself - because you are doing it!

      You are more than welcome. You have written about Marlene for a while and I am sure she had a very good live with you. It is always hard when they leave us, but (at least in my world) we will meet again sometime.

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Thank you for another interesting and thoughtful post. It is wonderful how links to people like Vic keep appearing in the blogs I follow. It seems signal is becoming amplified and breaking through the asinine online outrage aether.

    Thank you.

    1. The pleasure is all mine and you are quite welcome.

      Honestly, I have followed him for some time now and I find nothing but sound advice and a certain empathy and encouragement that oozes from his every post. The fact that he was effectively banned for having the temerity to suggest that older men have sex drives was both ludicrous and indicative of people that cannot actually read a comment any way but through their own view of the world. I am glad that he is getting more visibility. He deserves it. His is the sort of the voice we need.

  3. Good, and wise, comments. I stumbled upon The Art of Manliness a couple of years ago and have been pleasantly surprised by the excellent content and guests.

    1. Bob, the Mckay's manage a very good website with lots of interesting and varied material. I have often gone there for any number of different things that I needed to know about different things and usually am able to find something. And, they have some very good memes.


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