Sunday, May 30, 2021

Clay Pot Watering: Round Three

 (I am bit behind on this - these were actually complete three weeks ago).

A short history of my installation of ollas (clay watering pots):

Experimenting With Clay Pot Watering

Clay Pot Watering: Round Two

(The Whys and Wheretofores are covered there.)

If this pictures looks familiar, that is because it should be:  20 clay pots, 20 bases, 20 stoppers.  Estimated cost per completed set up:  $2.47 + tax.

Learning from last time, I looked at each of the pots at the Big Box store to make sure the hole was more or less regular.  I picked through every pot (well over 100) to find 20.  Suddenly I reminded myself of my maternal and paternal grandmothers, who would look even at the cheapest of items for a bargain.  And here I was, examining $0.99 pots for fit.

After plugging the whole with a stopper, they go into the ground:

Everything installed!

I also filled up to larger...pots? (not sure what they are called):

This is a picture of the soil I used.  It is actually the well rotted wood pellets, hay, and rabbit poop from my pet rabbits.  It is just bursting with fertility.  I have a rather large pile of it, against the back fence.  I was hoping to use it another bed, but it is a bit too shaded.  I need to figure out another garden box or how to un-shade the area.

Hopefully finishing planting this week!


  1. I love that you are documenting this.

    1. Leigh, like you I am finding this method of recording via blog to be an excellent exercise.

      I think one improvement I might make is to number the ollas (via the lids) and begin to track how often I have to fill them. I know a couple do not have tight fits with the stoppers; if I can track the less obvious ones more closely, I could remedy the issue.


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