Saturday, May 01, 2021

An April Walk In The Lower Meadow

I realized, as part of my visit back to The Ranch this week, that I have not been here is in Spring since we moved in 2009.  I had forgotten how green everything can be.

The Lower Pasture.  Three species:  Horses, Turkeys, Geese.

Looking back.  The Cattle have been moved over to the Middle Pasture.

In Canada, are they just called geese?

Looking back up towards the Upper Meadow.  The Bees have been brought in for the Spring.  The air is redolent with the sound of bees flying.

Back towards the Lower Meadow:

Spring is the time of love for Turkeys.  I have seen well over a dozen gathered in one place.  Kind of awkward, watching a pick up scene...

The manzanita is starting to make a comeback.  This will need to be rooted out.

The seasonal rill that runs at the bottom of the Meadows is already starting to dry up:

However, that has not kept at least one inhabitant from still using it:

The pond is back:

And the eggs we saw in March have hatched:

The horses are enjoying the green:

Sigh.  Blackberries are making an appearance.  I like blackberries, just not in the pastures.  Another project:

Looking back up the Lower Meadow:



  1. What lovely scenery! I don't know what part of the US you live in, but I enjoy seeing the wildlife and vistas others have. I use to share some on my blog, but keep it on Instagram these days. (your goose comment made me laugh)

    1. Thank you Kelly! We are fortunate that we live somewhere that has a lot of wildlife.

      (On the goose comment - I have the same question about German Shepherds in Germany...)

  2. Ditto Kelly’s comment! Some of your newer readers might like to have a little more info about “The Ranch.”

    1. Thank you Bob. And it is probably a good idea.

  3. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Agree on the blackberries. Since moving to our retirement home more than a decade ago, I have been engaged in their destruction. Each engagement leaves me scarred and bleeding.
    John S. Russell

    1. John, the struggle is real. I would like to think even in drought years they would be set back a bit - but no.

  4. Your ranch is a great place. Easy to be self sufficient there, I think. :)

    I have not found any way to deter black berries or dew berries or whatever name they are call by, here. It doesn't matter, they come up where they want.

    You all be safe and God bless.

    1. Linda, I do not know that there is. Even spraying them is not wholly effective. You have to dig out the root systems too. Multi-year effort.


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