Friday, March 19, 2021

Rainy Thursday Afternoon

It is a rainy afternoon as I write this.  Off in the distance, the cattle are over in the Upper Meadow eating through drizzle, having finished up the good hay and are now picking up everything else.

It is more green than brown now, more living than dead, as has undoubtedly happened every year I have come here although I do not remember it as such always - for many years (most of my childhood anyway), there was only "green" or "brown".  The subtleties of life renewing itself were lost on me.

When it rains, the clouds always hem us in here.  It is if the world has been reduced to the border of trees, while outside - "Here There Be Monsters".

New Home is not like this.  Even when the fog and clouds come, one always is aware that one is surrounded by a pulse of life around.  Always, there is traffic running in the background.  The bark of dogs, the sounds of people - there is never the sense that one can get away from the world; the world is too much with us there.

I am more than aware that in reality, even here the "world" is still out there.  I have been following the news, and from the view of someone that has tried to keep the world at arms' length for a while, it seems that we are rushing toward the Abyss as quickly as we are able - economically, domestically, internationally, religiously, culturally, in every fashion and and on every front.  

Yet all of that seems strangely remote here - indeed, if I were not connected to the InterWeb I would scarcely know that any of it was happening as I have dispensed with television long ago and the radio is, as often as not, just a ceaseless chorus of yammering and music I can scarcely recognize or listen to.

True, at this moment - or this one, or this one - fire could descend from the sky and kill us all or I could simply die from a natural condition.  But even then, I would know no different than I would if I would continue to look out the window and away from the world, watching the cows graze and the grass slowly turn to green.  Yet in this topsy-turvy world, I would be considered the fool for ignoring the world and "hiding" from it.

My response, of course, is that I see the world perfectly fine.  It is those who look everywhere else that can see nothing.


  1. Ignorance is bliss. I stay informed but pay less attention to things more and more. I think when you look out the window you are not turning away from the world but toward what it should be. People don't see the World as it is...they view it as a set. Speaking of which..a new video soon! Hehe. Know the enemy? That must be it.

    1. EGB - I do find that ignorance can be bliss. The only thing I would need to know is tax law, which a good accountant will take care of. Other than that, I could indeed live without most news.

      The World as a Set. Interesting. I will have to ponder.

      A new video? Excellent!

  2. I cut the cable ... 20 years ago? TV either bored me or drove me nuts. I was on "PTV" (Peasant Television) for years and didn't miss it one bit. Back then I could still pick up three local channels, and I ignored those too. Now I can only pick up one. I think you have to have cable or satellite to view all the channels now? I just noticed this earlier this week - most of the remaiing channels cut in and out and are intermittent.

    I will listen to the radio if there is decent music. The second the talking starts - I start flipping channels looking for more music. If there isn't any, I will turn it off.

    I recommend that everyone get on Alt Tech though. While it is true that Alt Tech is the doorway to the Dark Web and there is quite a bit of seriously nasty lunacy there... it's also the only place left that isn't moderated and cleansed of talent, clarity or acuity either. For me, blocking or muting objectionable content is just as second nature as flipping the stations on the car radio. There are people that study those types in detail, that distill their content to manageable portions, and comment on it objectively and honestly. You can interact too.

    But even that gets to be too much sometimes. Put my name on one of those Adirondacks, TB, and I will stop by with a Thermos. Don't let Ed or STxAR take my spot! ;)

    1. Glen, I do not know about in Alta Canada, but here in Baja Canada I think everyone has converted over to some kind of digital something so you have to have cable, satellite, or InterWeb. My parents had satellite (up to the point we cancelled it). Trust me: They literally had 200 channels and there was nothing on.

      We have not had cable in many years and use the InterWeb and streaming services - but even at that, there is less and less worth watching.

      I am somewhere between slightly under the radar and slightly above Alt Tech. I use some privacy mechanisms but also just monitor where I go and what I say.

      The chair is open Friend; you are welcome any time.

  3. Cows grazing and the grass turning green sounds good to me.

    Not sure there's really anything you or I can do for the rest of it.

    Your way helps maintain sanity.
    God bless.

    1. Linda, maintaining our sanity can be 100% under our control. But you are right, it requires visibly turning away.


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