Thursday, March 07, 2019

Lent 2019

The season of Lent is upon us.

In past years I have "given up" such things as sugar or alcohol.  They make for an excellent initial step of self discipline but I have come to understand (at least for myself) that physical deprivation of things is not what I need to be working on in the season.  It has varied over the years since I discovered this fact, ranging from behaviors I needed to give up to behaviors that I needed to adopt.

This Lent?

1)  Media - I am completely shutting myself off from current events and really media of any kind.  My interest - or angst - about current world events in no wise actually changes them.  Instead, I need to fill the time with mediation or God's Word.

2)  Social Media - I have already been experimenting with this more and more.   For now, my goal is to cut down my FaceTome time to twice a week (yes, there are still some reasons to get on there - some of my social groups and activities only post on there at this point).  Outside of a brief check of Instagram to see if Na Clann have posted anything, I will effectively be InterWeb silent.

I can always read or go practice more Iai.

3)  Music - This one is kind o the most interesting of all to me- for Lent, I will abstain from anything other than Classical Music or Instrumental.  Nothing particularly driving this other than just to see what, if any, impact it has on my moods and my life.

So, as I look at this, I see a theme of inner and outer silence.  Surely there is a theme here somewhere.

Do you practice Lent?  And if so, what do you do?


  1. Don’t turn off the mass media. Somebody referred to them as ‘the enemy of the people’ recently and they are absolutely right. They serve to keep us informed of what our enemy is thinking and what he intends to do. Keeping tabs on your enemies is part of being prepared.

    Good luck with all that TB.

  2. Good luck with this.

    I like classical music, but rarely listen because hubby doesn't.
    Haven't listened to instrumentals in a long time; but I do like them.
    I find myself mostly listening to Cajun music - which is pretty much all in Cajun French; and Gospel music. The music I used to listen to in church.

    I only go to Faceless Book a few times a week to connect with family mostly.

    Look forward to your posts when (if) you make them. God bless!

  3. I don't actually practice Lent, but the church I play music for does, and yesterday we had the Ash Wednesday service. Normally I play quiet background music during certain parts of the service, which leaves me on the sidelines of some of the activities like taking communion, but yesterday I didn't because the keyboard was playing up, so as I sat quietly waiting for the time to play the next hymn, the vicar decided to include me with the ashing of the forehead along with everyone else. I was greatly moved by the experience.

    But I shall not be 'doing' Lent, but I have found that being on the pathway of making The Psychic Craftswoman videos, is shifting me away from YouTube watching, which needed to be done. I also find myself feeling more disconnected from people around me, but more centred in myself, more at peace. I think the discipline of Lent is not for me, but I think that I have had another radical shift in my thoughts of how I live my life to get the best out of myself after the blessing I received yesterday, which I did not expect.

    I wish you well with your intents for Lent. Something has shifted in you recently, .......thank you for sharing.

  4. Glen - I completely agree that understanding what is coming up is important. But I profoundly believe that for 40 days, the world (or at least the current events portion of it) will go on without me pretty well. I expect to find things as bad or worse when I return - which is pretty much how they would be anyway.

  5. Linda - I like specific classical composers: Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Chopin. Truly, most of my music/media listening is to and from work, so about an hour overall. It will not be too much of a sacrifice.

    Oh, I still intend to post! That falls neither into the music nor the media category.

  6. Vera - Thank YOU for sharing.

    Sometimes I have found the application of ashes very moving. Sometimes it was not so.

    Interesting that you are finding a shift in your own behavior as well. I wonder if sometimes when we find a groove or where we are meant to be, these sorts of things may just take care of themselves.

    I appreciate the feedback on the change - I hope it is visible to others and translates to something in my life!


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