Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Waiting For A Big Change

Ever get the feeling that there is a big change ahead?

You can never really point to it.  There is nothing in your life at the time that makes you say "Hey, sharp 90 degree turn up ahead" - nor is there any signs whereby you can point out the same to the others in your life. 

But the feeling is there. You go to sleep with it.  You wake up with it.  It haunts the fringes of your day as you go about it. 

Oddly enough, you begin to find yourself actively looking for signs of the change - which can be difficult, of course, when you do not know what kind of thing the change is supposed to be.  But you keep looking for hints, signs - good heavens, flocks of birds flying overhead or your lunch mysteriously forming itself into a symbol in its container.

It would be great to know what the change is, of course - after all, it helps with planning - but for now I am simply trying to live in the moment of anticipating the change, something I have not always done as well as I should have.

But change is coming.  I need only wait and watching.


  1. There have been periods in my life when I have been exactly the same, and sometimes the wait seems to go on and on. The last two years have been an example of this. Then just before Christmas 2018, during a meditation, I had a 'vision' (can't describe it any other way) which was very powerful and moved me greatly. Briefly, the message was that I had been 'called'. Not sure if that meant that I was to pass over, but I didn't feel that I was in my end time, so I waited for a while, and then things started falling into place, but I have to trust all the while that I am responding to my 'calling' in the right way, but when I feel that it is too much for me and I want to retreat from this path I have been given, I am not allowed to. Quite simply, God has called me, and that is that!

    Blessings to you. Also buckets of patience! Living for each day is the only thing you can do during this time of waiting.

  2. You, me, and many, MANY others like us know something's coming. God sees and knows what we don't, and guides His own through the maze. Prepare for the change, trusting in God to lead you in the preparation.

  3. Amen and God bless us all.

  4. Thanks Vera, and thanks for sharing. I have something of the same feeling and think I even know what it might be; the patience reminder is a very needed one as I am terribly impatient.

  5. Pete - You have said this before and I have taken it to heart. I am trying to use this experience as with others and viewing them as preparation for something upcoming, not just feelings or creative impulses.

  6. Linda - Thanks and yes, God Bless Us All indeed.


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