Thursday, December 01, 2022

December 2022

 And just like that, we lurch into December.

December has come all too fast this year, helped not only by the fact that having a project at work that is consistently driven by "end of the year" dates (so one is always looking to the end of the year) as well as the fact that with an unplanned vacation last week and the expected post vacation catch up, the month suddenly shows up.

And it is already turning out to be busy.

I always think "This December feels busier than most", but I coming to believe that this is more of my memory slipping than anything else.  They are all busy, now - perhaps with the different sorts of things than in previous years, but none the less busy.

I am largely convinced that any memories I have of Christmas being a time to slow down and and appreciate the season were somehow much earlier in my childhood and really just reflected a somewhat flawed view of how the world was actually functioning versus how it was functioning.  With high school and college it became the season of finals, with work it became the season of completing projects for goals and year end reviews.  Add to this our modern penchant of "24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year", and it becomes much less of a season and much more of mad dash to December 25th for a brief rest - before trying to close out everything that was to be done by the end of the year.

I find myself poorer for it.

It is all to easy for me to make or write up a resolve for this year - "I will take it more slowly" or "I will listen to more Christmas music" or something like that, something with good intentions that will go precisely nowhere (even as I write this, vision of e-mails of December yet to come crowd out the sugarplums that should be dancing in my head).  So perhaps this year I will try a slightly different tack and simply spend 5 minutes every day doing something related to the season, if it is just listening to a song (without doing anything else) or reading a short story or even looking at an ornament from the past.

It said that Scrooge ended up keeping Christmas in his heart of every day of the year.  I could at least try to do for a few minutes in the season of Christmas and go from there.


  1. Nylon124:30 AM

    Try SIX minutes a day TB, Christmas and the reason for it deserves that........ :)

    1. Nylon12, I have to admit that is a puzzler I do not know the answer to - that said, I spent a little more than that due to the two videos posted by Sarge at Chant de Dupart today. One made me chuckle, the other made me happy.

  2. I find myself disliking this season more than any other just due to how much it invades my life. With kids in schools that are trying to cram in extra music practices followed by a concert, increased fundraiser activity, normal end of the year stuff in my own life, weekend commitments, church commitments, et al., I find myself wanting to curl up in the corner and whimper until it is all over. I love the month of January and February when everything is starting over and it is too cold to do much else.

    1. Ed, I find myself every year having to consciously choose to celebrate it. The push back against it becomes harder and harder every year - as you indicate, the whole of everything makes it much more of a task than a joy.

    2. Anonymous6:46 PM

      My daughter was born Christmas day 37 years ago.
      She lived one day.
      Her brother was stillborn a year earlier in late December.
      It has taken a long time for me not to hate the season.

    3. May God comfort you, Anonymous. I pray one day you will know why that happened.

  3. When I encourage someone to begin reading their Bible and praying, I tell them just do it for one minute a day. Don't plan on more. Over time, you will find what works for you. Consistency is the key.

    I used to stress a bit about what to get everyone on my list. Now, I don't even think about it. I give things during the year, and try to spend time with folks during Christmas. Sometimes it works out well. Permit me an explanation: I found that people splurge on funerals to assuage the guilt they feel for not being there for the deceased. I learned early to send flowers while they are alive, the dead have no sense of smell or ability to enjoy. So, I give gifts during the year as I can. Or as I find out about a need. Then, I'm not operating out of guilt during the holidays, or even obligation. YMMV, offer not valid in certain jurisdictions, yadda yadda.....

    Happy Christmas TB et al.

    Like all well worn phrases, Merry Christmas doesn't mean much anymore. I do like Feliz Navidad (Happy Nativity), but it's the same to the spanish speakers down here, just a worn phrase you say at this time of year. I do like the sentiment, though. Cristes Maesse doesn't mean the same to me as Nativity. Oh well... We use what we got.

    1. STxAR, for years now I have followed the "read through the Bible in a year" program and every year, I finish both Old and New Testaments. In my case, having the plan is the key to consistency.

      That is actually a great plan for "gift giving". Time is the one gift that we can never multiply, save, or get back.

      I go with Merry Christmas still, if for no other reason than tradition.

  4. Our local Big Lots had Christmas items out in August this year. That alone takes away all my joy for the season. December is a push, push, push month. Get the reports finished, go to this Christmas party, get the lights, tree decorated, shopping, wrapping the presents and preparing the meals. Good grief by Christmas day it's a let down for everyone but the children. But wait there's the new years eve party you have to prepare for. Going you must bring something, driving to or from with drunk drivers abounding. Thank the Lord above for January to really collapse. It's no wonder we've lost our holiday spirit.

    1. GL - It certainly feels like that any more. I would blame commercialism, but in point of fact tying so much to the end of the year has contributed as well. As you say, we all collapse in a heap at the end of it all. Hardly the Holiday spirit I was hoping for.

  5. I was recently told that if we read one chapter a day from Luke, starting today, then by Christmas we will remember the reason for the season.
    Be safe, TB.
    God bless you all.


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