Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Moral Virtue For Its Own Sake

 "To bring this whole discourse of mine to an end - the conclusion is obvious from what has been said, namely that one should strive after justice and every moral virtue for their own sake.  All good men love what is fair in itself and what it is right in itself.  It is not in character for a good man to make the mistake of loving what is not intrinsically lovable; therefore what is right should be sought and cultivated for itself.  If this applies to what is right, it also applies to justice; and if it applies to justice, then the other virtues, too, should be cultivated for themselves.  What about generosity?  Is it free or for profit?  When a person is open-handed without reward, it's free; when he's looking for profit, it's an investment.  There is no doubt that a person who is called generous and open handed has duty  (officum, kindly duty and obligation) in mind, not gain.  So likewise justice looks for no prize and no price; it is sought for itself, and is at once the cause and meaning of all the virtues." 

- Marcus Tullius Cicero, The Law 


  1. Anonymous2:43 AM

    I pray for justice to prevail and the Truth to come out, regardless of the decision or person accused. But I do wonder when I hear of persons who have been incarcerated for decades being found not guilty years later. The amount of compensation paid for those years really doesn't make up for the fact the person has had their life's opportunity taken away and they cannot get back Time. How can that justly be paid back ?

    1. Anonymous - Frankly, it can never be paid back, at least temporally (eternally is another question).


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