Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Update: Moving Out

My father was released from the hospital yesterday.

The whole thing seems like a bit of a comedy of errors now.

My sister had spoken with the discharge person from the hospital last week and they let her know the process:  they would provide a listing of skilled nursing facilities in the area and check for availability of beds.  They would call her back and let her know options and perhaps some recommendations.  I had assumed (foolish me) that at that point we would have figured out where we would like to have him moved.

I actually found out about it talking with his assigned nurse today,  who mentioned in passing at the end of the conversation that he was being transferred.  The actual words did not register with me until I had hung up.

I gave my sister a call - no, she had heard nothing either.  She called - and while she was speaking with the other person, the discharge people called.  I was in the pre-know by 15 minutes.

They were not planning on moving him until later in the day and given that disruptions are probably not the greatest thing in the world right now, I am waiting to hear from my sister what visitation is possible.  

This is longest period I have not spoken with father - outside of training in Japan - that I can remember.

This is now another learning curve.  I imagine there is some level of physical therapy and recovery that will happen here.  How much?  How quickly?  What does recovery really mean.

I feel as if every new development which seems to be good news also brings with it a new set of concerns as well.

But my father is out of the hospital.  Today, we will take the victory and thank God.

Post Script:  I spoke with  my sister tonight.  She did talk to my father tonight on the phone.  He was somewhat confused but was responsive.  I will try to go talk to him tomorrow.


  1. Perfunctory prigs drive me insane. And I know of few that aren't in the professional medical frat in this area. As a caregiver, I despise being in the back seat.

    1. STxAR, I really think this was a case of two systems working very well in their own internal settings but not so well between multiple systems and the individual. I do not think it was intentional, everyone has been so kind - but yes, it is difficult being reliant on others for information that one needs to make decisions.

  2. In my most recent experiences, good communication is hard to come by in a hospital setting. Two many layers of people tasked with specific pieces of the care and the overall assessment doesn't get communicated to patients and family unless you happen to be in the room for the two minutes the doctor is rounding between 5:17 and 5:19 in the morning.

    1. Add to that, no one wants to actually be the one to disseminate information or actually DO something, for fear of legal issues down the road.

    2. Ed, I really think you are on to something - that and (as I wrote to STxAR), the fact you multiple systems that work perfectly well internally having to interact between each other - and patient's families. As I said, it was dumb luck I found out before they call.

    3. Pete - I am sure there are concerns about violating HIPAA as well as the person that tried to relay information and relayed the wrong information ("Oh, it was Mr. Jackson that passed away, and not Mr. Johnson? That is awkward; let me go back and talk to his family...")

      I am coming to understand why so many caregivers seems so deeply involved in the details of such things: they have to be.

  3. Having been in hospital recently, and been subject to the 'system', I am amazed that everything turns out alright in the end....somehow.
    Glad your father is out of hospital, and hope his recovery will be at the pace that he needs it to go at.

    1. Vera, I kind of am as well. I had the same sort of conversation with a friend today. She asked a not unreasonable question, Why we just could not make everything like this work better - after all, these were people's lives we were dealing with. My response was that this was true of any system - competing priorities, boundaries of control. If you wanted to improve the process, you would have to improve the system.

      Thank you for the good wishes. I think the biggest struggle is going to be my patience.


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