Monday, February 22, 2021

Update And Blue Sky

Update:  Another improved day for my father.  He recalled his name - or rather, a version of his name that he only used at work.  He was a little humorous.  Mostly resting yesterday.  He walked about 10 feet with a walker and assistance, and possible using the commode.  He was overall compliant with requests and has had his restraints removed.  If today goes well, we will start to talk about the next steps.

Blue Sky:  Yesterday I got up and it was a blue sky kind of day.

I do not know why blue skies look bluer here.  Intellectually I know their is no difference; artistically I can see it.

The resident cattle were enjoying the sun and sky.

Everything is greening up again.  The yearly cycle.

The artisan spring has started flowing again.

The local horses watch me with a jaundiced eye.  I have neither food nor bridle, so I am neither friend nor foe.

The stream at the base of the meadow is running again.  Behind it, you can see the seasonal pond filled up.

This stream runs the length of the pastures.  When I was a child, my sister and I used to float sticks down the river, racing.  Later, this became the on-site action location for any number of action figure rescue and exploration scenes.

The cheeping frogs of February have been busy in the pond.

Blackberries are coming back.  Ugh.  I will have to get down here and cut them out.

If there is a better spot on Earth, I am unaware of it.


  1. I've always assumed that air pollution or in your case, the lack there of, is why the sky appears a deeper shade of blue.

    1. Ed, that sounds right to me also. Or it just could be the fact we are closer to the sky here. Either way, I will take it.

  2. What Ed said. You're closer to the ocean there, aren't you? That will make your skies bluer. Less chance for pollution to interfere.

    Haha. Good luck with the blackberries. We can't keep up with them here. :)

    Good news about your dad. *hugs* <3

    1. We are relatively closer Linda, and certain above the level of the pollution of the valley below.

      Blackberries - yes, it is a constant struggle. I like wild blackberries. I just like them on other people's property more.

      Thanks for the hug. We are hoping for a slow, steady progression of improvement.


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