Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Last Summer At Home

This is likely the last summer that, for even part of it, we will have all three of Na Clann at home.

The oldest - Nighean Gheal - (if all goes well) will be graduating next year from college and although she may come home for even a short time after graduation, she has neither the desire nor long term interest to want to stay here (although possibly the need, unless the economy somehow drastically changes).  The middle - Nighean Bhean - will likely be here as she attends college here in town.  The youngest - Nighean Dhonn - is still in high school and thus, will certainly be here.

It is an odd thought to me, as essentially this begins the end of a process that was started almost 22 years ago.

Also, this process accelerates:  within one year one is out and effectively after that, within two years one has also moved on and one will be moving on to the next phase of life, be it college or something else.  Within three years, quite possibly the house will be largely vacated.  That in itself offers up a great many addition challenges.

If that all happens, of course.  Due to A Sort Of Hammerfall my job is (perpetually, I think) in a bit of flux and at possible risk, and the likelihood of finding a second job hereabouts in my industry all but nothing.  And given the economy, who knows?  The Ravishing Mrs. TB's job has been stable up to this point but given that we know so little about the shape of things to come, this may have less stability than I think it does.

The last two months of enforced "staying home" have been nice for The Ravishing Mrs. TB I think, as she gets to have them all in house and around for just a little longer, which is something that I think warms any mother's heart.  I putter about my business and try and stay out of everyone else's way and hope at some point the noise level starts to diminish (it will, of course - and sooner than I care it too).

The whole "Phase of Life" thing seems to be picking up speed.  I do not know quite how comfortable I am with any of it.  But comfort or not, it is barreling down with the speed of an accelerating freight train.


  1. I have some family members in a similar situation with all of their chicks back in the nest; certainly a blessing in this strange time!

  2. Well how do ya like them apples, ya old fart? HAR HAR HAR!

    It's a change. You have to live life like you still have it all in front of you, like you did when you were a kid. From here on out you'll just be in the way. The house gets quiet, and it can drive you batty. These days I go through life fussing with the details to occupy myself. I play with the toys I bought but never had time for. I wrench on the machines, dump oils and have them at peak performance and efficiency. If I see one blade of grass out of place on my lawn, the mower comes out and I take no prisoners. I read a lot an torture the other bloggers in the comments. It's a humble, but grand life.

    1. Yes, I think that this is the way of it, Glen. The responsibilities - the financial ones anyway - will linger for a while, but the presence will be gone. As you say, the rest of your life in front of you.

  3. Funny isn't it, as the years add up, how much faster they go?

    1. Yes Linda. There is something to that Time/Relativity Thing.


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