Monday, October 21, 2019

The Exciting World of Personnel Management

Yesterday when I was at the Rabbit Shelter, I received an e-mail from my co-worker in Human Resources.  Had I checked my e-mail and what was originating it?

Sigh.  I try to avoid checking work e-mails on the weekend, but better to be informed now rather than surprised later.  Short answer:  it is an HR problem which will need to be resolved.

(Of course, that is all I can say about the problems itself.  Privacy laws and all).

Reason number 52 why I need to get out of what I currently do.

I am probably not the best supervisor. I really, really do not deal well with conflict between people.  On the whole, I would just like people to act like adults, get along (at least to complete their jobs), and if they have issues to manage them like adults.  Notice that I have listed word adults at least twice.

The reality is that supervising is not really like that - at least not anymore (maybe it never was).  People are emotional.  People are irrational.  And Dear Heavens, I do not mean to come down on the current generation, but certainly seems like emotionalism at work is now a part of the common accepted work practices.

I am, by nature, an introvert.  I can do extrovert when I have to - and in my current job, I do have to - but it is the most draining thing in the world to me, to the point that I am virtually silent for the first hour that I home after work.  In my happy work world, I talk to almost no-one, get my instructions, do my job, and go home.  I supervise no-one. 

To those that have never supervised, a request:  imagine what it is like trying to balance not only your story, but the story of the person you are butting heads with while making sure that work gets done.  Now imagine there are 20 people just like you.

I am just not up to the rigors of 21st Century personnel management.


  1. remember there was a recent wreck at sea [pacific] and it turned out there are females in the navy -- two were not speaking to each other so the ship was wrecked. both need to be horse whipped and cashiered out with bad recommendations for any civilian jobs
    feelings--bah! no place for feelings at a job

  2. We were mostly adults in the Air Force, and I never liked being a supervisor, either.

    *hugs* ♥

  3. Deb, I truly just do not understand the modern work environment - or maybe I am too far removed from anything to be of any use any more. Show up, do your job, go home.

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  5. You need a very, very thick skin, TB.

    I saw a good one in the help wanted ads today. They said the preferred candidate “will be able to work with competing groups and resolve conflicts in a non authoritative manner...” I just smirked to myself and said, “whoever takes that job will be getting it from above AND below...”

    These days you couldn’t pay me enough to do management.

  6. See Glen, my problem is that I do not have a very thick skin. I want to be nice and help people and the work just does not work that way anymore.

    That job description sounds like an HR disaster ready to happen.

  7. Linda - Sorry I somehow accidentally removed your comment and apparently I cannot restore it! My apologies! Not your fault at all, my ineptness at using the keyboard.

  8. Haha. Sorry. And that's weird because I can see it just fine. ;-)
    Up there between Deb and your reply to Deb.

    But mostly I just commiserated with you because I hated being a supervisor in the Air Force.


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