Tuesday, October 16, 2018

On Churches And Throwing

This last weekend I traveled to East T for a throwing competition.  This was the first time I have been that far east in this, our adopted state (for the record, it is quite green and pleasant - not at all like the image most people have of the state).

The games were actually part of a Scottish festival on, of all things a church campus.

Now, we throwing folks are not a particularly devout group.  The language that floats about on the field is, well, something that is inevitably reminded about in the throwing rules under "This is a family event.  Swearing is to be kept to a minimum".  So it was a little surprising that it would be on a church grounds.

More surprising?  This is actually an outreach of the church.

I heard it both from one of the athletes out throwing as well as from (what I assume) was a pastor:  this was an outreach event of this church - in fact, they had stopped another event to provide more funding for this one. 

Why?  The pastor said:  "This is a way to get people to a church which they would otherwise not go to.  It is a way to reach people we could not otherwise reach".

This is the first time I have heard of a church doing this.  But I thoroughly approve of it.

Do I think it will make a major difference?  Not sure.  But if one person is saved because we went out and threw yesterday, it is completely worth it.

This is a fantastic demonstration of innovative thinking on the church's part.  Would that more would follow in its path.


  1. I think that is an excellent idea tagging on other activities to a church organisation. We often have an 'after service' get together at one of the congregation's homes, which brings the church community together.

    I am sorry to be a dimmo, but what is it that yo throw?

  2. Vera, this was (in my mind) a first in that I have never known a church to actively sponsor such an event. It is an excellent way to involve the church in the larger community. After service events are another excellent way - in both cases, it is disrupting some of the inherent insularity of the church into the world.

    By throwing, it is Highland Games - rocks, weights, cabers and sheaf. I am not particularly skilled at it but it is fun.


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