Monday, October 15, 2018

2018 Garlic

Yesterday I planted Garlic.

I am just not feeling the gardening urge this Winter.  Maybe it is too many failures from years past.  Or maybe the fact I can never seem to grow much.

But garlic is my one talisman against the darkness.

Garlic never fails me. I have grown it pretty much steadily the last 15 years or so in two climates and three homes.  It somehow restores my faith in my ability to grow something.  And, it is something that I am sure we will use.

I will patiently wait until I see the sprouts and then hover over them all winter and spring.  It serves as a constant reminder that I can do something of worth in this area, even if it as simple as single garlic bulb.

Never Give Up.  Never Surrender.

And Always Grow Garlic.


  1. *But garlic is my one talisman against the darkness.*
    No pun intended? :-)
    Look into container gardening in the spring. Among other things I have read or seen, potatoes do better in containers.
    And there is a gentleman in SC I follow, can't think of the name right now, who grows all kinds of fruit trees in containers.
    Reading for the winter? I personally got tired of fighting the fire ants...

  2. Yes Linda, there probably was a pun intended there...

    I have tried container gardening in the past - one of the issues I had in the past was that the containers dry out all too fast.

    Fortunately, very few fire ants here - yet.

  3. Really? (containers). I had not really had that problem here in Central Louisiana. Perhaps all the humidity helped with that, haha. I used those potato pots or whatever they are called, and for the most part have had good success. They are light enough I can set them on a small table outside and add compost easily as the potato plants grow.
    I have even grown potatoes in a 5 gallon bucket years ago when we were driving back and forth between North Carolina and Louisiana before hubby retired. Completely neglected for 2 weeks in NC. Came home to dead plants, and a handful of potatoes!
    For me, potatoes are like garlic for you. They are one thing I know will grow - if I plant them in a container. :)

    You are lucky. I hope you never see the darned ants. Had them in NC, too. What a pain (literally). Almost developed an allergy to their bite in NC, but haven't seemed to have the same problem here in LA. Thank God for that!

  4. To grow garlic, or not to grow garlic. This is a question I have been asking of myself. But the raised beds in which they would be put need filling up with soil again and this I intend to do over the winter, so to grow garlic would scupper my plans to do this as it is such a long growing crop, so I think no, not this year.

    I never give up, just retire gracefully for a little while from whatever the challenge is that is baffling me, then either have another go at conquering the problem or change track completely, believing that I have done my best but can do no more, which is not giving up as such..........!

  5. Linda, unfortunately we seem to be just outside of the humidity zone to where it is somewhat difficult to do such things. I have tried both regular plants and trees and been unhappy with the results.

    Sadly, potatoes do not seem to do well either.

  6. Vera - That is quite a good way to look at it. And this has been driving me to concern for the last three years - for some reason, I consistently seem to have a lack of success at gardening.

    (But Old Home - Ah, Old Home. Best Garden Ever.)

    I think at this point I need the boost of confidence that comes from the garlic as much as anything.


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