Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Storm and Silence

Last day of silence before the storm - An Teaglach returns tonight.

I am, of course, terribly pleased. A little separation is never a truly bad thing (although I'd argue that the 3 months when I first moved to New Home was a little much), but I still miss them all terribly when they're not around (having written this, I will of course regret it the first time the sound tsunami appears).

It's been good, of course - as all my silent time are. Lots of thinking time, lots of reading time, even some time to do thing that I have needed to do.

What it has reminded me of is the fact that without reflection, without the ability and time to read and think and ponder, I am far less than I could be.

(And sleep of course, but I seem unable to control that...)

I am by nature an introvert - although to see me in a social setting where I feel comfortable you would find it hard to believe. Introverts tend to recharge not when they're surrounded by people and activity but when they are silent and isolated or with a small group. Without this time - literally for myself, but I suppose others benefit as well - I become less of what I am capable of. I think less, I reflect less, I simply feel less wise (and I'd argue that my best writing always occurs during or after such periods).

It's simply the way it is.

That said, I need to acknowledge that and accept it. It will mean inconveniences for some others (and probably less sleep, I'm guessing), but truly is the only way that I personally seem to be able to excel and grow.

All hail the return of An Teaglach - and the realization that through silence and thinking comes the best me.

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