Monday, July 25, 2011


This is my 1000th post.

Who'd have thought I would have gotten this far?

When I started this endeavor a little over 6 years ago (11 July 2005) I don't know that I really had any idea what I was attempting to do. I had some idea that this would be a place for me to post thoughts and ideas, but I was thinking (at the time) that this would mostly be around political and theological themes. Those (at least the politics) seem to have fallen off pretty quickly, as due to what was going on in my life (I never really seemed to find the energy or time to write them) as well as the fact that discussing anything political tends to obscure people from hearing your message.

Instead, what has evolved over time is a running log of my life and internal thoughts. There is some theology (I sometimes wish there was more, and that I could write more mightily about it) and some gardening and bees and occasionally haikus, but what it really seems to have turned into is a form of online personal journal of self discovery.

This is not an unwelcome development, just somewhat unexpected.

I've had some wonderful unexpected triumphs as well - introducing new writers to the blogsphere (Otis, Vintage Chick, Songbird, even Nighean Gheal), getting the unexpected readers as well (my father, of all people?), even occasionally making the sort of internal personal discovery that one covets but scarcely seems to be able to make.

All in all, a good thing.

What have I learned? Commitment, for one thing. With the exception of my college degree and education, I don't think I have ever been this consistent on doing anything over a long period of time.

Ability to express myself, for another. I think (I hope) I have been able to learn to better express my thoughts in a written medium. Certainly those that read can readily tell when I am happy, depressed, etc. As I can express better, I believe myself to be a far better writer than when I started this venture.

My cycles as well. I'm reliably informed by readers of this blog that they tell on a fairly regular basis where I am on my typical cycle of depression/non-depression. The fact that I am an apparently known cycler is good; now I just need to deal with the cycle.

Where do I go from here? I don't anticipate doing anything differently. I'll be posting here tomorrow same as always, staring at the keyboard around 0615 wondering what I'll be writing about.

But for one brief day, I'm not going to think about that. I reached a milestone today.

Happy 1000 to me.

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