Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Self Reliance II

So here's timing for you: I wrote this morning (see below) about the fact that I am grappling with God being in control, and this being on His time frame, not mine. Sure enough, I got a call today from the out of state interview asking me to come down next week for an all day interview. Great I said. Originally it was fly Monday interview Tuesday, but then was changed to fly Tuesday interview Wednesday. About 2 hours later, the more local company called and asked if I could come in to do an interview; would next Monday work for me?

Huh. Well there you go. Now instead of worrying about finding a job, I get to spend the next week getting studied up and mentally prepared for interviewing. What a much better mental place to be.

I wonder, in my heart of hearts, if God was just waiting for that realization to occur...

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  1. Amazing how that all worked out. Now you get to spend the week worrying about the upcoming interviews.
    Better to put them out of mind and just let God take on the worrying for you.


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