Friday, May 01, 2009

Lessons for Living from my Labrador Retriever

1) Eat early. Eat often.
2) Never be afraid to try new and different foods. Even horse poop can be considered a delicacy if approached properly.
3) If you see a body of water, jump in it.
4) Persistence is crucial. If someone will not immediately give you what you want, continue to be right next to them until they finally cave in.
5) When you meet new people, always greet them immediately (sniffing optional).
6) There is never a bad time to give or receive love.
7) When in doubt, always be the first one to give the wet sloppy kiss.
8) If someone looks at you, smile and wag your tail. It shows people you’re happy and ready to play.
9) When you’re let out, immediately run as hard as you can.
10) When you’re awake, be awake. When you sleep, be asleep. Don’t mix the two.
11) Always be aware when someone looks like they’re getting ready to go out. They might take you too.
12) Accept love from others as they give it. For some, this means petting you. For others, this means rolling on your head. They still both mean the same thing.
13) When driving, stick your head out the window.
14) Not everyone is your friend. It’s okay to growl at those that are not.
15) Be happy always. Who knows when a morsel is suddenly going to drop on the floor?

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