Friday, May 15, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

A sense of foreboding this evening - not necessarily bad foreboding, just foreboding. The interviews are almost done; by this time next week, it is likely that I will have some resolution as to my career situations, and perhaps a great change in my life.

The thought, as it rolls around in my brain, invokes one of two feelings in me: to either not deal with the thought at all, or to not do the thing I should do, which is pray. It's interesting to me that this are two options, and in both cases, they are a call to non-action.

Why is this? Is my mind, now at the end, shuddering away from the very thing that I have been seeking and refusing to rely on the One who guide my through it? This is also an interesting thought to me, as I have to have done with the inability to tell the truth - to others of course, but primarily myself.

If things go the way they seem to be trending, I will have a brand new life in three months: new city, new home, new church, new school, and have to start building new connections. The sort of "reset" button one keeps thinking one wants in life but seldom gets.

I had coffee with He Who Must Not Be Named (HWMNBN) this morning; he too is closing in on his second interview. I commented to him that as I look over the last 5 years, I can almost see the fingerprints of God on my life: I am currently in a position considering doing what I swore I would never do (leave my state, including family, friends, church, and school), having lost what I thought was a critical friendship (Himself), having tried and failed in doing my own thing (The Firm), having made a decision to leave where I had a safe job to where I had a cutting edge job (and lost it), now going back to a career field I thought seriously about leaving when I got laid off - it's as if, I pointed out, God has been prying my fingers off of what I was clinging to with a crowbar, one finger at a time.

To what end? I can't say for sure. Certainly to rely on Him more (a challenge any day, but more so when you're unemployed) but possibly as well to clear away the cobwebs of my thoughts on where I am and what I am doing, or to realize I have to "be" where I am instead of always dreaming about being somewhere else.

I'm not sure. All I know is very likely by this next Friday, the world, which has been in abeyance these last four months, will come crushing in like a tsunami running through streets.

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