Tuesday, May 26, 2009

James Taylor Song

So today it was offical - discussed a few minor points, got the letter signed and sent off. Wheels which have been slowly turning have suddenly increased speed a hundred fold: leave on Monday, arrive Tuesday, start work Wednesday. And then start the process of rebuilding a life.

I also confirmed with my parents tonight that I accepted and am leaving. Sigh. They are of course happy that I have a job and believe that in the providence of God this will be a good thing, but still are sad. Meeting with friends and allies as well, drinking more coffee over the next five days than is probably good for a person, saying the goodbyes that must be said but are never easy.

It suddenly feels like I'm living in a James Taylor song, something about "Leaving California, my past dwindling faint, future stretched out on a canvas of concrete and paint." Cue guitar solo.

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