Friday, May 01, 2009

Rain, Rain

A good day gone horribly awry. I made a trip up to the Ranch today primarily to look at bees - it's two weeks tomorrow, and I want to insure that they're doing okay. The forecast for tomorrow is rain, but I thought that if I went up today, I would beat it.

No such luck. I ended up peering into one and checking out (and well please indeed: larva galore and new comb) but did not get into the second one, as it was just raining too much.

So here I sit on a Friday, stuck inside having planned to do something outside. Not a totally wasted day of course: the hills are still quite green here (and will be more so, thanks to this rain), and I always enjoy watching the rain from inside. Still, it's frustrating: having planned to do something, I find I am unable to do the very thing I came for.

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  1. Tsk tsk. This would have been a perfect day to dream over the seed catalog, or look up gadgets for harvesting your anticipated honey, or writing a story, or.....
    God gives us these days for a purpose.


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