Monday, May 25, 2009

Gear Shift

I have the vague sensation of my life having downshifted, of hearing a horrible grinding noise which (as I look in the rear view mirror) turns out to be my transmission lying on the freeway.

By this time next week, I will be (hopefully) pulling into Tucson, AZ on my way to Austin. After this, I'll be back three or four times, the last time to move. And that's it. The next time I'm back, it will be as a guest, not as a occupant.

The enormity of it is only starting to fully engulf me. This is my last Monday here. Tomorrow will be my last Tuesday. I've got my list of things I have to do, of things I have to bring, of tasks that need to be accomplished when I arrive. But none of these detract from the fact that my life, in one of those rare occurrences, has changed literally overnight.

I'm sure about three weeks from now, when I've found a small apartment and have started looking for permanent family housing, there is going to be this incredible sense of the extent to which life has changed - especially as the moving date moves closer and our physical presence here will be removed.

How odd to find that thing that I so wanted and needed has changed my life so much.

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