Friday, April 12, 2024

Fridays With Rainbow

 One of the outcomes of taking two classes in writing last year was the ability to reconnect with my long-time friend Rainbow again.

Rainbow, as very early adopters of this blog might recall, was a coworker from 2005 to 2007. She eventually wandered off to another job (and then another job and then another job; these things happen); while I wandered to what became Hammerfall and thence to New Home. We had kept in contact over the years, mostly in bits and pieces because life gets busy.

I took the initial writing class (and its follow up one) at her recommendation. Suddenly, I found myself in need of an accountability buddy for writing and we apparently had the "excuse" we needed to make it a priority.  And so now for 6 months or more, we speak more or less every week on Fridays.

Oddly enough, writing only figures into about 20% of the conversation.  80% of the conversation is mostly about moral support - sometimes for writing, sometimes for life in general.

For me, of course, this could not have come at a better time.  As you know if you have followed along, it has been something of a year to date.  And so I could wail, complain, berate, and snarl into the phone with a listening ear that was far enough removed from the situation to be objective but close enough to my life to understand everything that had gotten us to this point.

I do the same of course; after all, support networks to work have to work both ways.  And the same thing is in play:  I know enough of her life to understand why she is where she is and am far enough out to comment in a way that someone closer might not be.

She also encourages me in my writing.

As I have noted recently, writing has been a challenge of late - and non-blog related writing, even more.  In a way, that is not the best of things, as non-blog writing is possibly an avenue to make other things possible.  I can always find reasons why something has come up or why I just do not "feel like" writing.

I can.  But talking to Rainbow, I cannot.

Giving her my rundown of weekend activities two weeks ago, she made the comment "And write, yes?  We are going to write?" 

"Sure" I said, glibly promising the moon without thinking about it. Until Saturday came and I was sitting in the hotel room at a loose end.  The conversation crept into my mind, along with the fact that the question would eventually come.

And so, I wrote.

It was a terrible short story, rather predictable zombie fiction based on a location I had seen during one of my walks here.  But I persevered and kept writing, all 1770 words of it.  At the end of it, rather disgusted with my perceived lack of originality and rather generic voice.  But I did it.

I let Rainbow know. "I am sure it is great!" she texted (out of great kindness, no doubt).

This is what our friends do for us:  help us to do the things that better ourselves even when we ourselves do not want to do them.


  1. I find it interesting that this post and yesterday's both have the same theme - having a supportive person in one's life. It makes a big difference in life to have someone's support and encouragement. Of course, like respect, it's not something one can demand, only give. This is a reminder to be grateful for such people in our lives.

    1. Leigh, while having a supportive person is not a requirement for success (many people have done so in spite of such a person), it certainly makes it easier.

      And yes, we should be grateful for such people when they occur. Likely I am not so much as I should be.

  2. Anonymous4:51 AM

    I agree - having someone in your corner encouraging you to continue a tough task makes it easier to 'lean into it until you push through'.

    1. It does, Anon. It also keeps me honest, which is something I am not always able to do to myself.

  3. But you finished, and that is the victory. Bradbury always encouraged writers to write a short story a week, saying "No one can write 52 bad short stories in a year."

    1. I did, Warren. And one can always edit the work when is done.

      I have come to value Bradbury and his quotes immensely. Such a craftsman.

  4. One of the things I would really like to do as I age it to write more. I have a whole mental list of things I would like to write about but just making the time commitment seems to be the hardest thing to do, especially right now when the weather is so nice out.

    1. Ed, it is a commitment. What I have to remind myself of is that it is not "time wasted"; sometimes that can be very difficult indeed.

  5. That's nice that you have a good friend to encourage you to write, and support you when you need to talk!


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