Saturday, December 09, 2023

On Sickness And Stress

 I am coming off what has not felt like the best of weeks.

For the first time that I can remember in at least four years, I came down with some version of whatever was going around - not The Plague 2.0, but rather some kind of combination of sinus infection and general lack of energy. To put it in the vernacular, I felt cruddy.

It really hit me Tuesday; unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, my car experienced an "issue" (which I originally thought was electrical but thankfully it was not; less thankfully it became a brake job) and thus I was forced to (or able to) work from home on Tuesday, although by the end of the day I was wiped out.  The car was delayed to Wednesday, so I had another day in which I felt slightly better.  

Thursday I had to make an appearance and managed to make it through the day but ended up not going to The Ravishing Mrs. TB's Christmas party and went to bed early.  Friday was my scheduled work from home day; I felt the best I had all week but my voice has completely bailed on me; I sound like a 14 year old teenager.

To be frank, this has been incredibly frustrating.

Feeling bad - certainly I have felt bad before.  Feeling drained and without energy - that, I despise.

It honestly brought back feelings from the hike to Mt. Goddard this Summer (here and here) where, due to altitude sickness, I was also deprived of energy. I do not know how much of my feeling bad (mentally, at least) was due to that and how much of it was due to bad memories, but it was miserable both on the physical and mental level.

I write this post Friday evening and, other than the above referenced warbling vocal chords, I feel pretty good.

The bigger question is, what am I supposed to learn from this.

There is of course the obvious lesson:  avoid sick people.  As I am in the public a lot more now with general work and Produce (A)Isle, that is a lot more difficult.

There is also the lesson of be sure to get more sleep.  Tempting, but I can only control part of my sleep in when I lay down and wake up.  For the rest, I am somewhat at the beck and call of factors beyond my conscious control.

Stress?  Well, that might have something to it.  There has been a lot of stress from multiple points over the last few months.  Stress leads to decreased immunity over time if the stress is maintained.

So maybe that is something to think about.  Because I really do hate feeling this way.


  1. Whatever you have has been going around up here for probably a month or a month and a half. I'm honest surprised that I haven't got it since nearly everyone I know around me has had it, especially with two kids in school. In fact, a week ago, my youngest's school had nearly 65% of the student population absent, and yet my youngest hasn't yet been affected either. Maybe I need to go look for blood painted outside our doorway to see if we were just spared and not lucky.

    1. Ed, I am not sure if this being my first full Winter "back" as it were makes it worse or if it is really worse, but it sure feels like it is worse. I think three of us currently at home had had a version of this.

      Whatever you have, it is working. Do not disturb it.

  2. Gosh, I'm sorry you've been sick. It is indeed frustrating. I think stress is really challenging to control because of so many contributing factors. I'm guessing the lessons there are likely more spiritual/mental/emotional. Much tougher to sort out and deal with.

    1. Leigh, I am actually reading book on stress for my flight tomorrow. I truly believe some level of that has impacted my health over the last two to three months.

  3. Nylon124:03 AM

    With the repair of the vehicle there's one less source of stress at least. Hard to avoid folks everywhere though TB, watch the diet and that sleep is important. Try to avoid any electronic screens before hitting the sack.

    1. Nylon12, at least it happened now. Avoiding folks is indeed much harder, and both diet and exercise are impactful (he says, needing to remember that).

      The electronic screens thing...yeah, I need to fix that before I go to bed. That seems to be my "wind down" after work, which might not really be a wind down.

  4. The crud has become so widespread that HuffPost had an article about it. Seems it's a viral thing that is most contagious in the days BEFORE you feel cruddy and cough a lot. My wife and I are in week 2 of it.

    Quality sleep, good nutrition, lots of vit C, Zinc and Vit D seems along with cough suppressants and Mucinex seems the path for us.

    1. Ugh! Sorry to hear Michael; if you have anything like what I have, it has been miserable. Honestly I feel like I cannot get enough sleep at the moment.

  5. TB, unfortunately, you can't avoid sick people in retail. Like mentioned above good rest, Vit C (natural is best... like an orange or tangerine), Zinc, Vit D & K (you need K to make the D work, at least that's what I've heard). Not being outside in the sunshine as much now Vit D/K is low. I also drink either kombucha or kefir water every day, too. So far, so good... some say that a teaspoon of elderberry syrup a day is good for the immune system, too. You might still get a touch of the cold but it shouldn't knock you down.

    Soon we'll hit the longest night of the year & then start heading into spring with more daylight! :-) So what plans do you have for your spring planting? It will be here before you know it!

    1. Hobo, working out in retail is certainly not helping anything. I have been trying to up my Vitamin C intake - relatively easy this time of year, given that mandarins are in season. Sleep is the other thing: I think I have driven myself beyond my capacity.

      For the Spring Garden, I am not sure. I am going to try a trial planting in late February/early March, which is earlier than I usually try - but our Spring here is so short as we sprint into Summer, it might make difference. I think I finally have the water situation figured out; now to double down on weeding.

  6. The lesson is, your car wouldn't start because you had a problem with your brakes. If God had let you drive to work, who knows what might have happened.
    Also, because you worked from home, you should have been able to work at your own pace, and take medicine to combat your feeling poorly.
    Hubby used to eat at least one orange a day this time of year. The sweet tangy kind. And if he felt something coming on or was getting sick, then hot chicken broth and a bath or shower as hot as he could stand it.
    I like hobo's response. Vitamins - multi, C and D are good as are the other's he mentioned. A banana or apple a day - apples have the C; bananas, potassium and C. Meats, shellfish, eggs, nuts, all are sources of zinc.
    And with God's design, your immune system should be stronger now. :)
    You all be safe and God bless.

    1. Linda, I was fortunately in that I was not in any "real" danger, although I did not ruin my brake drums because it was caught so early.

      I am defintely eating more vitamin C related items now, and will try to do so in the future (I already manage an apple a day).

      Hopefully this will be done soon.


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