Saturday, November 27, 2021

Changed Not Reduced



  1. I resonate to that!!! I will shamelessly borrow that. Sometimes a revival is only possible with the removal of dead wood. But this time in my life has felt more like being skinned alive, than trimming dead wood off.

    1. Anonymous5:51 PM

      Hi STxAR,
      Stay strong - I'm certain that most intelligent people are receiving a severe pruning of almost every aspects of their lives right now.

      . . . And right on cue, a "scariant" emerges that is even more transmissible - and particularly targets - our children.

      Who'd have guessed that could happen, just as we are supposedly coming to an end of all restrictions here in Australia in two weeks eh?

    2. STxAR - With the year you have had, this seems like a very good quote for you. It is like in a vineyard, with the husbandry at the end of the season so that the new crop can be even better and more full.

    3. Anonymous - We have had a severe pruning. The question is will we choose to learn anything from it or just go back to how we used to live.


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