Friday, December 13, 2019

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town


  1. I must be the only guy without tats now.

  2. When I was a kid my parents used to keep us in line by telling us about Gilhoolie the garbage man. Hell; Santa Claus only worked in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Gilhoolie had the rest of the year covered.
    According to legend, Gilhoolie would root out bad kids from their houses and throw them into the back of his trash truck, where the compactor would come down and grind them to bits. Your image is pretty close to how I imagined Gilhoolie as a rugrat, except Gilhoolie had a crewcut in my mind.

    My parents later told us that the Gilhoolie thing was, according to child psychologists, the worst thing they could have done to us. Uh... No. It worked! Look at Grimm's fairy tales and tell me those stories weren't out for the same effect. Look at kids then... Look at kids now... I rest my case...

    ...But child psychologists know it all...

  3. That's great TB! Kind of makes me afraid of him lol!

  4. Pete, that is pretty interesting (never heard the story). I do find it sadly amusing that we have redone almost all tales to end happily - stupid, it seems, does not always hurt in stories (the way it does in real life).

    I find it interesting that Krampus is making a sort of popular come back in some circles - although, sadly, the reason for Krampus (as with the above referenced garbage man) will be somewhat lost.

  5. Rain, the character is from a movie called (I think) The Guardians. Santa Claus, despite his robust and tatooed appearance as above, the same old jolly fellow we know and love - except he is strong, buff, fights with sabers, and has a Russian accent.


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