Monday, December 30, 2019

2019 Thanks

Having posted yesterday about how the writing year went, it is also important to recognize (and post) that without you, dear readers, none of this actually makes a great deal of sense. 

So thank you.

Thank you for stopping by, frequently or infrequently as you are moved, to read (special thanks to my father, who I know reads these faithfully every day as they post).  Thanks for all who have taken the time to comment and share their thoughts (or their disagreements as need be).  Thanks for your patience in waiting for my responses or for waiting for me to figure out what you were actually trying to communicate in the first place.

Thank you to all who trust me enough to link me on their sites.

In one sense, anyone can write.  But at some point without an audience, writing becomes another internal expression of practice.  Every artist likes to believe at some point their creation is out in the world doing something (hopefully good).  By your reading and your comments, I at least have confidence that there is an impact, even if it just a laugh for a minute.

We all have limited time - 1440 minutes - in a day.  Thank you for spending a few of the minutes with me.

I am looking forward to sharing what 2020 brings with all of us.  So we can all be surprised together.

- Your Obedient Servant, Toirdhealbheach Beucail


  1. Here's praying for a blessed year for us all.

  2. Indeed Linda, indeed - although it already seems to be off to a bit of a rocky start.


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