Sunday, December 29, 2019

2019: That Was The Posting Year That Was

So by my count (if I am adding correctly) I will have made 364 posts this year.  That slightly is under what my goal of 365 was (or really, one a day). 

If I go over and look at the handy "How I Posted By Month" posted on the right hand of the page (if you scroll down a bit), you will see I managed to most of the first half of the year, somehow posted a bit more in August (apparently it has 32 days?  Who knew?), had a bit of a lapse in September and October, and then seemingly pulled the whole thing out for November and December.

I acknowledged to myself when I started this that I was not really sure that it was feasible, at least under my then-current thoughts and writing.  Yes, I have been somewhat "creative" in the application of the word post in that not everything I have posted is written by me - but after all, there is a lot of fun and thoughtful stuff out there that if you are solely relying on my thoughts, no-one would ever see.

Writing is something that I can say I have been doing the longest in my life (besides, well, breathing):  I have journaled (hard copy) since 1989 (and still do), blogged more or less since 2005 and quite seriously blogged since 2008.  So in one sense this was a continuation of a life practice that I am already living.  But the commitment to the every day post was still a bit of a reach - it takes time and frankly, I have come to appreciate in some small degree the lives of anyone that has to produce a creative output ever day (cartoonists come to mind).

That said, I am overall pleased with results.  Certainly I am pleased with the discipline it has taken to do this. 

For 2020?  Well, it is kind of a habit now, is it not?  Besides, it forces me to write better and more, which is never a bad thing.

Write on, friends.


  1. Congratulations on your blogging achievement. Quite an accomplishment however it happened. :)

    A blessed New Year to you all.

  2. Thanks Linda! Kind of glad that I set it as a goal, even if it was only for personal reasons.


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