Friday, July 29, 2016

Vacation Views: Buffalo Jump and Big Spring

Some pictures today from two place, both in the Great Falls Area.

The First People's Buffalo Jump is located southwest of Great Falls and is one of the few buffalo jumps available to the public.  They have a fabulous museum and the view from the actual jump gives you a sense of what the Great Plains look like:

Objects may appear closer in the mirror...

Looking from the jump.  Depending on where you stand, it is 30 to 50 feet to the bottom:

Local resident is unimpressed by tourists:

This is Giant Springs in Great Falls.  It puts out 150 million gallons a day at a consistent 54 F and flows as a 200 foot river (The Roe River) into the Missouri River.  The water is exceptionally clear.


  1. I would have jumped into that water if it was around here as hot as it's been :)

    1. It hit about the mid-90s during the day but came right down to the mid-40's at night. Compared to your heat nightmare and mine, delightful.


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