Tuesday, July 12, 2016

So Close

So I think I am very close to an offer.

So close.  Trying not to psyche myself out about it:  be too eager, be too impatient.

And especially, trying to keep myself currently engaged.

I find my mind wandering a great deal now.  I am more and more disengaged from most of the activities that I am confronted with.  To be fair, my circle of responsibilities has continued to shrink until all I seem to be doing is answering questions and word processing.  Reasonable signs, I think, that my thinking on the matter is correct and the time has come.  

The challenge, of course, is not to act as if I am almost out of here (and pretty much out of here mentally).  To remain the hard worker, finishing the tasks set before me and planning for future.

Even as I patiently wait for the  world to change...


  1. Tis difficult to keep up the commitment when your mind is set upon leaving TB, going through the same thing whilst crossing fingers and hoping that I'll be able to leave factory life behind if my new venture takes off.

    1. Hold Fast John. I think good changes are in store for the both of us.


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