Monday, July 11, 2016

The Original Twilight Zone

Netflix now has the original episodes of The Twilight Zone.

I have only seen parts of them almost 35 years ago, reruns during the late night Fridays and Saturdays when nothing else on.  I vaguely remember parts of them, or particular episodes.  But I have not seen them since then.

And now I get to relive them in living black and white.

They are wonderful.  I have forgotten how wonderful they are.  Not just the visions they give into late 1950's/early 1960's society (the formal dress.  And the cigarettes.  Everywhere).  The stories.  That sense of old style science fiction back when it really something novel and new and unknown.  The ability to completely paint a tale of slight oddness in under 25 minutes.

(And pay phones.  That only cost a dime.)

And they make you think.  Every one I have watched so far has made me think.  As I was explaining to Na Clann, there was always a slight twist at the end, something that made you stop and take note at the end.

I would argue that it is so different from television of today, but in fact I have scarcely seen television of today in the last 7 years.  But my sense is that we do not nearly do anything as intellectual and thought provoking as that anymore.

Thanks Rod Serling, for your gravely voice and your imagination and your vision.


  1. I had forgotten all about this series TB, I shall have to re-visit it m'thinks.

  2. I am enjoying it immensely John. If you were a fan of 1950's and 1960's short stories you will have many pleasant memories.

  3. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Having read your blog for awhile now, look for episode 84....The Hunt....written by Earl Hamner (John-boy Walton) and the narrator of that show.

    You'll really like this. With your strong religious leanings and just having list your dog.... I bet it might end up your favorite. It is mine.

    1. Thank you very much for recommendation. I am actually pleased at the amount of thought I am doing as a result of the episodes, both spiritual and just day to day life. Not many shows do that.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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