Friday, July 15, 2016

Rise Of The Machines

One has often heard the discussion of the increasing attractiveness of robots in the fast food industry as the agitation for higher wages for what were once considered entry level jobs has occurred.    But in an article from The Burning Platform, guest author Fred Reed posts a rather inclusive listing of where robots currently are:

"Navy building autonomous sub-hunting submarine.Robots deliver food to your door. China’s use of robots set to surge. Amazon uses 30,000 robots in warehouses. AMBER lab robot jogs like human.Japanese farming robots.  Burger-flippingrobot. World’s first sex-robot. China’s robot cop. China’s road to self-driving cars. Bloomberguses robot story-writers. In theme park, robotsmake food and drinks. SCHAFT unveils new robot in Japan. Boston Dynamics has several ominous robots paid for by the Pentagon. Robot does soft-tissue surgery better than humans. Robotic KFC outlet in Shanghai. And of course everybody and his dog are working on self-driving vehicles."

(Add Amazon here is as well with their robotic warehouses)

But with all of those, I do not believe I have ever been quite as vaguely discomforted as I have by watching the video above. It is about 3 minutes.  Watch it.  And then give us 10 years, and tell me where you think we are really going to be.

The more futures I see, the more bleak they seem to appear.


  1. In 10 years? Assuming the Lord tarries, and civil war hasn't crippled industry, then it's going to look a lot like the older robots in "I, Robot" (the Will Smith movie).

    1. I think you are right Reverend Paul. Barring supernatural or destructive civil events, I suspect we are on the cusp of another change in technology similar to the computer and the cell phone.


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