Saturday, February 28, 2015

Too Much or Too Little

We are into ice this morning - ice that has caused the cancellation of some events and the delay of others.
I stuck my nose outside this morning and yes, yes it is cold.  According to the weather, it is 30 F outside right now.  It has been colder for sure, but it certainly feels much colder than it is.  We are, apparently, under a "Winter Storm Watch" until noon today with a mix of "Wintry Precipitation", whatever that means.

How remarkable for once this is a morning that I have little to do and  yet I am not anxious to be doing something. This is the opposite of problem of what I usually face:  having too much to do and too little time to do it in.

You think I would be reveling in this more.

I have these large swings in energy and activity, it seems, going from "I need to be about everything" to "I have the interest in doing very little even thought I have the time".  This makes it very difficult to accomplish anything of actual value, because one is sliding from one extreme to the other, making progress in spurts rather than a long steady drive in a direction.

Is it trying to do too much?  Possibly - this is always a potential consideration.  Or is it that I tend to substitute sleep for activity and tire myself out midweek?  Also a possibility.  Or can it be that simply will not decide on doing these things first and these things second because I do not want to lose the ability to do any of them?  That could be as well.  Or a combination of them all.

But the reality is this:  we are at the end of February and I am making very little process on anything at all.  And that is not a state of affairs that is either productive or can last.


  1. 30 is balmy up here. I can't wait for it to hit 30 again :)

    I think we are up to about 4 inches of snow so far and prolly gonna see another 2 or 3 before it's over.

    Snuggle in Winter has to end sometime.

  2. I know Preppy, I know. We are now into the drizzle, which makes it impossible to work outside tomorrow. I just have things to be about. I need to find more inside projects.


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