Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Bunny Protocol

Yesterday was a little harder than most, so I invoked the Bunny Protocol.

The Bunny Protocol is invoked most often when I have had a hard day or am feeling a little saddened or alone.  It involves getting one or two rabbits (most often Snowball and/or Midnight), sitting in an a recliner, and pulling a large blanket up over us all, including my head.  The blanket helps both the keep the heat in as well as to cutoff any major exploring routes.

The rabbits like the attention, although it takes them a little while to get comfortable:  Midnight's most favored position is always right next to me on the side of the seat while Snowball is a little bit more squirmy, often wanting to move about or even be laying all over Midnight.  It is perhaps most successful with one rabbit of course, but then I always worry that I am giving enough attention to each.

What does this do for me?  Nothing terribly significant, I suppose.  I am not becoming a better person by doing this.  I am not really resolving any of my issues - in fact, this could be construed to be a form of hiding myself away from my problems instead of facing them.

But in that removal from the world and resulting focus, I find a certain peace.  The bunnies are furry and generally grateful for the attention.  They do not care what is going on or how or how much I have done or not done or expectations I have reached or not reached - all they care about is that there is somewhere warm and someone who loves them.

And they are happy to give love back.


  1. My cats are like that. Mostly when the food bowl is empty or low enough they can see the bottom of the bowls. After I feed em they are back to not caring what I am doing :)

  2. The Rabbits are actually pretty friendly, Preppy - although very different. Midnight (The Female Lop) is happy just to sit next to you. Snowball (The White Male) is much more restless, always wanting to hop off after he is done with his attention and see what else is out there.


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