Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Phase II

I have now entered Phase II of my life in New Home: out of the hotel, I am know living in an apartment.

It is unusual for me in a number of aspects: I have not lived in an apartment in 9 years, and I have not lived with a roommate (who was not The Ravishing Mrs. TB) for 17. There's a level of adjustment, of getting used to sharing parts of one's living space with others, that I had quite forgotten was there. It's not bad - just different.

Fortunately for me, between the job and the setup of the apartment (two separate bed/bath rooms) I can come home, make dinner, and disappear into my room to work on and then go to bed.

Ah. Working on. The other part of Phase II. In a way, this is supposedly my ideal environment for doing "thinking things": limited housekeeping, a short commute, few responsibilities, practically zero time spent making meals.

Now, if I could just motivate myself more...

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