Friday, June 26, 2009

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

So here I am back at Old Home tonight. The Ravishing Mrs. TB came and picked me up from the airport.

It was odd -both the drive home as well as coming in the door. Essentially, I have not been here for a month. My things are here, and An Teaghlach is here, but in a funny way, this is no longer my home, more of a place that I visit.

Not that I am in any way ungrateful to be home - no, not at all. I am happy to see The Ravishing Mrs. TB and Na Clann and Syrah the Mighty and the cats and Bella Bunny. It's just a feeling of displacement: I'm not really "at home" here, nor am I really "at home" in New Home either. I'm a sort of wandering spirit, floating between two physical locations yet part of neither.

The other thought that came through my brain as we drove here is that this is probably one of the last times I will come back here. I'll be back at least one more time, and then to move - and that's it. 5 years here, 42 years in California - and off I go. The next time after that, I will be a tourist coming to visit family and friends. It's a bit of a boggling thought, if I think about it too long.

But that, I think, is for later. Just time to enjoy being with the ones I love.

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