Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I had a Buttercup moment last night (a Buttercup moment, for those unaware, is a moment where the beauty of the natural world pierces us with the glory of the God who created it. My friend Buttercup writes about them often - and a great deal better than I do).

I was out taking my cool down walk after running. We had rain during the day, so the night sky was overcast. I didn't think much about the sky overhead during my run or the walk after, when suddenly I chanced to look up. There, in almost a perfect break in the clouds, was the constellation of Orion, the Warrior. The clouds framed the stars perfectly: you could see the outline of his body with his arm raised and shield, but could not see his opponent to his left (Taurus, for those of you keeping track on Constellation Bingo). I turned off my music and just sat there, marvelling at the the fact that the clouds only revealed this one constellation totally to me at just the time I was walking around at night and of the God who could arrange all of this in its beauty.

Wow. Talk about your messages from Heaven.

No, there was no voice. But it was, I think, a message and reminder none the less.


  1. Ahhh, what a gift indeed! I relish those moments and try to take a mental snapshort of each one...unfortunately, the picture fades over time, that's why I have to write about what it does for my soul...the experience of His gift. You, my friend do that as are just more well versed in other areas of life than I am! I'll leave the more complex issues to you!!!

  2. Huh. Never thought about it that way, but you're right: writing about it is a way to preserve it beyond memory.

    And no, I'm not well versed - just a collection of random (and mostly useless) data...


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