Thursday, April 09, 2009

An Idle Thought

So I completed the "What Element are You" quiz on Facebook. This is my categorization for your perusal:

"Congratulations, friend! You are Aether, you rarest and most mystical of all the elements. Metaphysical, otherworldly, supernatural, whichever way you slice it, you are one special soul. Whereas other people have experienced the odd circumstance or random weird event, your life is defined by them. You rely heavily on an intuition that has hardly ever let you down. Sometimes your thoughts and dreams could be considered downright psychic. Having such a unique set of gifts comes at a price though. Mainly a two-way skepticism between yourself and just about everyone else in your world. Finding people who understand you becomes a daily internal struggle and one that follows you wherever you go. Since your element is one supposedly beyond earthly comprehension it is up to you (as well as others) to work to build a bridge of understanding. Your place in the world: You are the ethereal entity blessed (or cursed) with the task of opening the eyes of a closed-minded world to the world they have blinded themselves to."

Although, I would argue, I am an odd circumstance or random event all on my own...

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