Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Frustration II

Otis called me this afternoon. During our chat, I mentioned my earlier posting and lamented the fact of uncertainty, of not knowing six months from now what was going on. He pointed out "You know, we really don't know if we'll be here at all six months from now."

"Thanks", I replied. "I was trying to avoid any specific lessons from this, although I suppose I'll have to address them now." In that way, I'm much like Calvin in Calvin and Hobbes who tells Hobbes one day "I like my lessons drawn so specifically that I cannot generally apply them to my life."

But the obvious application is there - the one I skirted around this morning.

The reality is, almost everyone builds their lives on shifting sand, making plans based on what they think will happen. “I have certainty" we shout, having a job, a house, good health, money in the bank, and a coffee maker that works – and go around making 5, 10, or 30 year plans based on what we perceive as secure, our lives (and our morning coffee).

However, we build on shifting sands. This is not all there is - although we treat it as such. I laugh at the foolishness of putting in a garden for a house that I may leave – but do I also laugh at putting time and effort and money and resources into the things of this life which I also will leave?

It’s not that there is something wrong with building and planning and putting our resources away, it’s just where we put them.

Am I planting my garden for time, or for eternity?


  1. It's not very often I say somthing that makes you think (constructive, that is!)

  2. I'll fight the urge to say that it's not usual for you to say "something" (not "somthing") constructive at all...oh wait, I've said it.

    Actually, I was thinking it anyway. You deserve the credit for making me write it up and not be lazy.


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