Monday, July 25, 2016

I Am Back

So I am back.

It was a good two weeks.  So much happened in the intervening period time (to me - I am aware that significant events took place and are taking place even as I type).  Some of the highlights:

1)  Montana is insanely beautiful.  We spent hours and hours driving to and from and hit a lot of the state.

2)  We stayed in a place that was 20 miles in either direction from a town that had a grocery store and 90 miles from a "city"  with chain stories.  Amazing how little I missed them.

3)  Temperature was in the high 80's during the day but feel to the mid 40's at night.  Guess what?  I found out that I do not miss humidity at all.

4)  I had a great deal of time to think - about the world, about myself, about what I want and need to do.  Hopefully that will come through in the coming days.

5)  Yes, I am ready to move.  And maybe, I am moving The Ravishing Mrs. TB in that direction too.

6)  Most importantly (at least in the short term), I have a new job.

(Insert excited emoji here)

It is an equivalent laterally move pay wise (essentially they pay for benefits so that was deducted from my salary), but this will drop my overall income so less taxes.  Of greater gain is the change in title and environment (from Manager to Senior Director and at a much smaller - 20 person - company).  Best of all, it is half the distance and reverse commute so I estimate (besides halving my gas and maintenance and extending the life of my car 50% and thus avoiding a new car that much loner)  I will get 5 to 8 hours a week back in my life.  I cannot put a price on that kind of time.  And regular bimonthly paydays again as well, which makes for all kinds of excellent budgetary planning.

So to summarize:  I got a new job, had an amazing vacation with my family, and came back to only having to face two weeks at the current work environment.

God has been amazingly good to me and mine.


songbird said...

About time this happened. Good things are coming...

Rev. Paul said...

"God has been amazingly good to me and mine."


Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Thank you Songbird. I am very hopeful.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Indeed Reverend, indeed.