Thursday, May 23, 2019

Essentialism Again

This past weekend I re-read Essentialism:  The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown.  It was highly recommended by my strength coach and I, in turn, recommend it as well.  His thesis is simply this:  on the whole, we are doing too much, making an inch of progress in a hundred directions instead of miles of progress in a few because we have failed to understand our purpose and the actual goals that support it.

It is probably not a bad time to be reconsidering all this:  Nighean Dhonn graduated from 8th grade and moves to high school, Nighean Bhean graduates from high school this weekend and moves on to college.  Life is changing and (in four years) will change again. 

This whole process is reflected in my journaling over the last weeks if I go over it:  writing and re-writing goals and intentions, looking for common themes, trying to balance my time.  It has been an undercurrent for a while now.

Sadly, I find myself behind most of my readers in this respect (yes, I read your blogs.  I know what you are doing).  So mostly this reconsideration is directed towards me.

What are the themes that keep coming up as I considered them?

- Iaijutsu
- Writing
- Reading (History, The Classics, Old Science Fiction).
- Ichiryo Gusoku (which covers a number of things including gardening, cheesemaking, and other self sufficiency activities).
- Foreign languages (Primarily Japanese, but there are others on the list)
- Fitness (Weight Training)
- The Ranch (Really, my heart place on earth)

I am not sure where to go, but these are the things that are constantly on my mind (and in my time management).  I am simply not sure how to go about making my life more about these things, and less about the other things that are filling it now.


  1. I guess it will depend on how financially secure you need to be to decide when to pursue what you really want.

    God bless.

  2. True Linda. I will start with what I can (that will be low cost or no impact) and go from there.


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